Indie Alliance

About Us

Indie Alliance is a unique and innovative music alliance founded by Rexius Innovation, with Rexius Records as its first member.

Our goal is to unite independent record labels, publishers, and managers under a common umbrella to provide shared resources and access to cutting-edge technology. By working together, our members can have the same resources as a major label without having to invest large amounts of resources in their own technology.

As a member of Indie Alliance, you will have access to a range of fantastic services and tools:

  • Give access to your whole catalog for streaming opportunities to our network of 6000 algorithmically curated playlists with over 1.3 million followers. (apply)

  • Choose priority songs with our Discovery Mode. (in beta)

  • Access Claim Guard, which protects your playlists against fraudulent copyright claims

  • Get access to Automatron, our playlisting tool that matches all relevant songs in your catalog automatically to the playlists you've created in your own network, according to your recipe. Say goodbye to administration and adding songs manually. (in development)

  • Synchronize your playlists to various music services (in development)

  • Creative Counsel - Innovative legal services (apply for access)

  • LabelThreads - Get access to our innovative merch-on-demand service which enables you to create all types of merch, without upfront costs, storage or handling, and get the merch inside your artists' profile on Spotify. (apply for access)

  • Technical Support - Get a 20% discount on our hourly price for IT Services and web development.

To become a member of Indie Alliance, you must operate a professional business and meet our quality standards.

By being a part of our alliance, you have the opportunity to take advantage of shared resources and technology that isn't even available to major labels.

Welcome to Indie Alliance - a revolutionary platform for independent actors in the music business that strive to strengthen their position and collaborate for a successful future in the music industry.

Looking for where to Sign Up?

We're currently in a closed-beta, meaning that we're only allowing a few people to join at a time so we can test the platform and see how everything is working. If you think you or your label/distributor would be a good fit, shoot us an email at