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Our goal is always providing you as an independent label with the best solutions to your problems. If you have a problem that you think we could help solve, reach out to our team in the chat! The chat is the best way to make sure your feedback and ideas reach our entire team, and can reach the implementation stage as soon as possible.

Available now

🎶 Indie Alliance Playlist Network

At Indie Alliance, we understand that playlist placements can make a world of difference for independent music labels and their artists. That's why we're thrilled to make our entire playlist network of 1.3 million followers available to all of our members. By providing us with metadata, we're able to match relevant curators with your music and make sure that the tracks that are a priority to you is a priority to them. Priority Tracks is synchronised live with our internal track database that our curators select music from, and Catalog Tracks helps fill the gaps.

On the way

📈 Project Management

We're working on the ultimate project management system designed specifically for independent music labels. With our comprehensive suite of tools and features, you will be able to seamlessly streamline your label's operations, increase efficiency, and stay ahead in a dynamic music industry.

Say goodbye to scattered emails and disjointed communication, our Project Management System will provide your entire team with real-time updates on the things that matters to them — promoting efficient teamwork and enabling your team to focus on the music, rather than the administration.

📧 Premium Demos

Instead of your demo-email being a flaming pile of garbage that nobody wants to touch, we'll be able to connect you our premium demo system. This way, whenever artists send you their demos over email, they'll get an instant automated response with the estimated wait time (based on how fast you usually process free demos) and a link where they can pay you a small sum to get priority in the queue. This has been a gamechanger for Rexius Records, and will help you filter out the noise.

Instead of having an overflowing email inbox, you'll be able to review and reject or accept all demos straight from our website, and send either a predefined automated rejection email or forward it to your personal inbox to take the contact further. Because we're routing their demos through our service, we're able to extract analytics and followers from any included social media or Spotify links — helping you make data-driven decisions.